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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

TOP US Recognition

In collaboration with American university partner – Cleary University, PGC offer the Cleary University Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) at the PGC campus in Sri Lanka in a most unique format. This is a fantastic opportunity to study, experience, and earn a US Degree right here in Sri Lanka. The program involves a dynamic, multi-faceted, intensive learning experience.

Aup is delivered by an expert faculty of qualified lecturers from government university business faculties as well as by key industry professionals. The program follows the American interactive teaching style with continual assessment and holistic development of the student rather than a narrow focus on selected exams. Students will learn and develop, not merely memorize. Program delivery will include modern teaching concepts and resources combined with the Internet and the latest in hi-tech teaching methodology, replicating the process used in the USA.

AUP gives graduates an area of business specialization and a BBA in Management to accelerate their promotions and career advancement. Our areas of specialization are all areas of high demand in Sri Lanka and abroad and include the following:

  • Analytics
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • General Business

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    • Under the American University Programs (AUP) you could start BBA through PGC Diplomas which is two years and proceed to the final year of BBA
    • 50% of the academic delivery from 3rd Year onward will be delivered by American faculty from the USA, giving students a real international American STUDY experience right here in Sri Lanka
    • The PGC graduates are offered the same identical degree offered to the Cleary University (CU) students who study in the USA
    • The PGC students could receive the degree in Sri Lanka or travel to USA and attend the standard CU graduation ceremony
      Access to the American center library under US embassy
    • The AUP student could transfer to Cleary any time during the programe to the corresponding semester after completion of the first semester. Transfer to other US and overseas universities are entertained through PGC STUDY Abroad partners on case-by-case basis
    • AUP US study tour: Students at the end of their Advanced Diploma will have the opportunity to join an annual supervised American Study Tour that includes Cleary University. Duration will depend on the schedule but will vary from 3 to 4 weeks and will include company business visits organized through AUP in cooperation with Cleary University and a special education program. The objective of the US Study Tour is to enrich the American experience and give students real exposure to the American business and education environment. Participation in the US Study tour is voluntary but strongly encouraged as this activity will add valuable scope and depth to the American program and the students’ personal experiences. Cost will be calculated on a case by case basis and borne by participant

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    Mr. Daniel R. Kelch

    Daniel is one of the most experienced professionals in the international education industry with over 44 years of international experience. He is currently engaged with recruitment and the development of Cleary University projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East with the objective of providing a greater number of international students world-class American Higher Education at lower cost.

    Director of International Admissions
    (Asia/Africa/Middle East)
    Cleary University, USA

    Dr. Senaka Gamage

    A Grade1 senior lecturer with a spinning background of over 20 years of university level lecturing, has held the posts of head of Department / Dean of Faculty of Management & Commerce Studies and Senate member of Sri Jayawardanapura University. He is the present Governing Council Member and Examination Board Chairman – Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. Dr. Gamage also works closely in various capacities with the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education and the Accounting Resource Centre of the Department of Accounting.

    Currently he is appointed as a Director Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project of the USJP & serves as an Academic Syndicate Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Studies & as a Quality Assurance reviewer for Institutional and Subject reviewers in Management, Accounting, Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Science since 2007. He holds a PhD in Accounting.

    Chief Academic Consultant
    GUT/ AUP Programmes
    PGC Education


    Cleary University is a regionally accredited NON-PROFIT multi-campus American university specializing in business degrees at Bachelor (undergraduate) and Masters (postgraduate) levels.

    Cleary University was founded in 1883 and has prepared tens of thousands of graduates for successful business careers over the past 136 years. A long tradition of excellence is combined with bold, innovation to give students the absolute best in international education and future opportunities.

    Our Innovative programs include final year undergraduate degree completion transfer programs in the USA and a unique range of MBA programs that combine education of the highest standard with practical, real-world paid career experience to produce graduates that are “job-ready”. Our MBA concentrations include programs for business undergraduates; engineering, IT, and science undergraduates; and programs for nurses, doctors, and others with an interest in the health care field. We also have options for graduates from other disciplines who want to increase their career and job opportunities by adding a Master’s level business degree to their undergraduate degree.

    For more info:
    Cleary University-virtual tour

    First year

    Advanced Certificate
    Introduction to Computing
    Communication Skills
    Introduction to Mathematics
    Introduction to Accounting
    Introduction to Marketing
    Fundamentals of Business and Economics
    Introduction to Management
    Business Statistics
    Academic English

    Principles of Marketing
    Economics for Business
    Organisation and Management
    Information systems for Business Decision Making
    Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
    English for Academic Communication
    Information Communication Technology
    Law of Contract and Negligence for Business
    Human Resource Management
    Financial Accounting
    Business Operations in Hospitality and Tourism
    Environment for Business

    Second year

    Advanced Diploma
    Business Statistics
    Principles of Management
    Business Analytics
    Project Management
    Enterprise Resource Systems
    Accounting 11
    General Business Case Studies
    International Marketing
    International Business
    Environment of Business
    Business Communication
    Marketing Analytics
    Current Trends in Management
    Analytics Seminar
    International Finance
    Financial Accounting
    International Management
    Business Law
    Marketing Management
    Marketing Seminar
    Management Seminar
    International Business Seminar
    Introduction to Hospitality
    Introduction to Tourism

    Third year

    Leadership and Teams
    Management Policy
    Business Ethics and Legal Issues
    Strategic Management
    Business Research and Communication
    Creativity and Innovation
    Financial Management
    Managing Project and Processes in Organizations
    Interactive Marketing
    Professional Project 1
    Professional Project 11

    Duration is 3 years – full time

    Classes may vary for some subjects but generally, classes are conducted on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.

    NOTE: Due to COVID the programe is delivered ON-CAMPUS and as well LIVESTREAMED (Virtual Classroom). Students could opt with which platform they wish to study. The livestream online classes make a student to participate our classes from anywhere in the world.

    GCE O/Level three passes and two credits for Mathematics and English OR GCE A/Level (credit exemptions are granted depending on the completed subjects) or equivalent.

    AUP Diploma Entry:

    PGC Advanced Certificate (Foundation) OR GCE A/Level (accounting & economics) with good English. English proficiency will be examined at PGC by Academic Department. Those who do not meet required English proficiency could enrolled to a supplementary English course and study parallel with AUP.

    RPL/Credit exemptions:

    Attractive credit exemptions to other reputed academic and professional qualifications will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Such would be but not limited to are CIMA, SIM, SLIM, ACA, CMA….etc.

    Accredited by University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka
    Global accreditation by International association of Universities.
    TOP US recognition: The programe is regionally accredited in the USA
    The U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard ranked Cleary University No. 6 for graduate salaries in its state.
    Second in Michigan for ROI

    AUP Graduates with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA are admitted to MBA at Cleary University U.S.A. with an English Proficiency test exempted. The MBA program includes PAID CAREER EXPERIENCE so students graduate and return home with Education and work experience, the combination sought by employers all around the world.

    AUP graduates can complete up to 3 MBA subjects in Sri Lanka and save thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses. Your American MBA from Cleary University, your Asian background, and your American career experience will definitely enhance your chances of securing the best jobs in the global employment market.

    You may also seek admission to MSc /MBA programmes overseas and locally. PGC Study abroad will assist you in admission to more than 60 partner universities across the globe.

    Warm greetings and best of luck for the AUP project at PGC!

    Founder President of American Alumni Association
    Honorary Universal Ambassador – American Educational Projects & AUP programe,

    Managing Directer – AUP
    Dr.Munasinghe with US Ambassador H.E.Teplitz

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