Nanasara | PATHE Global Campus



“Nanasara” is the educational and motivational branch of the well-rooted tree “Dreams”. The undergraduates organized motivational sessions for school children of Grade 12 and 13 with the purpose of enhancing and enlightening “Humble and reasonable confidence” within them.

The first motivational session was conducted by Mr. Dilan Rathnayake, one of the famed lecturers of the Department of Marketing Management who guided the audience that consisted of students from St. John’s College, Nugegoda on how to stand strong by achieving their goals successfully, with more confidence. Addressing the gathering Dr. K.P.L. Chandralal, the Head of the Department of Marketing Management emphasized the importance of higher education along with the importance of improving one’s skills in order to create a wholesome citizen to the world.

The motivational session was glamoured with the support of the “PATHE Academy” which is an educational consultant for healthcare programmes, management programmes (university transfer), and overseas student placement (direct). The event was shouldered with their financial hand and the two institutes together by holding hands are looking forward to conducting many more sessions for school children to enlighten their lives while lighting up the darkness for them.

The first session which was held on the 22nd of June 2018 was commended by all the stakeholders for hosting such a session which they deemed was an enlightening, fruitful and truly inspiring experience.